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frequently asked questions (faqs)

9 key questions about our services answered

1. What are the signs that my business needs help?

There are various signs that your business may need help, but here are some common signs:

a) working long hours with very little result;
b) not enough hours in the day;
c) too much unfocussed activity going on in your business;
d) too much growth with no direction;
e) lacking future direction;
f) no systems in place;
g) working in the business, not on the business;
h) no or ineffective control over business;
i) business not sustainable
j) too many distractions;
k) low productivity;
l) low staff morale;
m) too much down time
n) large overheads;
o) plenty of sales with very little profit;
p) good product/service concept with little or no sales;
q) limited cashflow;
r) constant late payments for good and services bought.

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2. What is the point of having professional business advice? Isn't it just another cost or overhead to my business?

Having professional advice is essential for business development and success, just like having an accountant oversea your books is essential for financial success. However you wouldn't expect to consult your accountant for marketing solutions, just like you wouldn't approach your marketing consultant for financial advice. Having a good business consultant is a valuable asset to your business and will help you make more money for your business.

Having someone external and impartial to oversea your business is essential. Business consultants are trained to interpret or have had experience in situations you may not be able to see from the "inside".

No business is too small to get advice. Advice from people who have been there before is essential. When looking for a business consultant, it is essential to find a person who can "walk the talk" and understand your unique point of view, in your language. It is also essential that the people giving you advice are not only trained in business, but also have had the experience of running their own businesses.

At SDS Consulting all our staff are experienced in running their own small business operation and professionally trained in business, marketing.

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3. What will SDS Consulting be able to help me and my business with?

SDS Consulting will sit down, listen to your needs to provide effective solutions in designing, developing and implementing solutions for your business. All businesses are unique, however problems tend to be similar.

SDS Consulting can work with your business to provide solutions in development, system, sales, engineering and marketing.

We are professionally trained in Industrial Engineering and had many years experience in business development, sales and marketing, providing your business with real life examples and solutions.

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4. How can SDS consulting give me and my business the results I want?

We will work with your business to establish a goal setting program based to provide specific results, using industry benchmarks.

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5. What if I am not getting the results I want?

If after an established period you are not reaching your goals, then we will sit down with you and re-establish your goals and analyse your commitment to the business.

After all results are based on your application of the knowledge we give you. We can only give you the coaching and inspiration. Results are up to you and your application.

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6. What if I am not happy with the service?

All our work is fully guaranteed, subject to our Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are truly not happy with our service, then we will not bill you.

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7. What is the best way to contact SDS Consulting?

As we are internet based, simply or call us on +61-3-9347-2214

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8. Will SDS Consulting come to my business?

As we want to know all about your business, we will come to your business, to observe, analyse and understand your operation.

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9. What if I am too busy or don't have time to commit to a consultant?

We understand that you may be very busy. We will visit you and your business at a time and location that suits you. It may be in the evening or ver early in the morning.

However we may be able to help you with your time management with some strategies and coaching. To get the results you want requires you to do something different.

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