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SDS Consulting has been created to take on the challenges facing our future, which includes helping businesses with the paradigm shift required to make the changes. The challenge is how to use our resources more effectively, reduce our waste and get the "biggest bang for bucks", without impacting on our environment and social conscious, or our need to care for other beings.

SDS Consulting is about pushing the boundaries of consciousness and having the right knowledge and the courage to take on board the challenges involved with change. We offer a range of services that will help your business grow and develop into a 21st Century enterprise.

Our business services are suited to small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), larger organisations and Government organisations. However we take time to focus on SMEs and nurture them. Why do we do this? Well, every organisation starts from a small one. Take Google for example. Something that was started in a garage using borrowed computers has turned into a company worth as much as American giant General Electric, in less than eight years.

SMEs also provide the seeds of change needed to lead innovation from which they can either turn into larger organisations or sell-up to established organisations which have the marketing distribution systems to make it successful.

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