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Tobi Nagy provides advice to small and medium enterprises, especially in “start-up” phase, to help develop and commercialise innovations including strategic development, financial modelling, finance and grant sourcing, and planning, providing the ultimate objective of successful and profitable growth of businesess through their different life-cycles.

Tobi also worked part-time with INNOVIC as a commercialisation consultant working with local SMEs to help them commercialise their ideas and innovations and help protect their Intellectual Property (IP).

INNOVIC is regarded as one of Victoria's leading Not-for-Profit, commercialisation organisations.

Currently, Tobi is also a lecturer and tutor in start-ups and opportunity and strategy development, social entrepreneurship, business growth, sustainabiloity and critical thinking for a number of universities in Melbourne, Australia.

Background to Tobi Nagy-Director

Tobi has over 22 years experience in establishing and developing his own start-up businesses in areas such as fashion, food, tourism and consulting.

Over the last 15 years, Tobi has consulted to a wide range of businesses from start-ups to multi-million dollar enterprises providing strategies, planning, modelling, development and importantly mentoring for SMEs.

He worked within a wide range of industries including manufacturing, health, food, retail, wholesale, hospitality, business services, education, tourism, telecommunication, IT, resource management, recycling and solar

His expertise lays in the area of opportunity evaluation, high growth venture development, commercialisation strategies, system design, financial modelling and developing sustainable competitive advantage for SMEs.

Tobi is very passionate about sustainability issues, resource management and lifestyle-based enterprises in an ever changing and volatile world.


Tobi is an entrepreneur by nature and has recently (2009) completed his Honours Year in Master of Entrepreneurship & Innovation (MEI) at the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship at Swinburne University in Melbourne, focussing on International Business stream.

His current studies combined with formal training as an Industrial and Computer Engineer, with honours, at Monash University, (majoring in Earth Science and Ecology), has given him the thinking ability, tools and skills to provide a “balanced” approach to enterprise development, ensuring sustainability is built into the design and operation of the businesses he develops and consults to.

Personal Experience with Enterprise

Tobi has developed a number successful start-up businesses two of which included a design, marketing, manufacturing, export and retail operation developing technical clothing and a business development consultancy specialising in planning, management, finance sourcing and intellectual property commercialisation in the area of Clean Technology (Cleantech).

His experience and skill in enterprise development has provided him with real insights into the "blood, sweat and tears" that business operators face when they are in the start-up and whilst growing their businesses, especially with cash-flow.

Personal Development

Over the last 15 years Tobi has undertaken personal development training in areas such as e-marketing, human resources, leadership, life coaching, sales development and meditation studies, to give him a wide range of skills to face today's challenges.

When he was living in the Yarra Valley, Tobi also developed a passion for conservation agriculture and viticulture and worked on a number of viticulture projects within the area, including establishment of a winery from scratch.

Other formal training has included "Implementation of Sustainable Agricultural/ Horticultural Practices" at Swinburne University, “Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Techniques” and Winemaking at NMIT.

Since 2003, Tobi has also lived, part-time, within Fijian communities on the island of Taveuni, where he worked with the locals on resource management issues and implementing sustainable development projects after Cyclone Amy struck the island group in February of that year.

In 2006, he helped establish an eco-tourism venture, with locals receiving funding from the Fijian Development Bank and Fijian Island Ministry of Tourism through their “Eco-Tourism Development Fund”.


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