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Maintaining traditions- mat weaving in Qeleni village, Taveuni



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Maintaining customs: Traditional "meke" or dance performed on Taveuni Island






























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Taveuni Island Fiji

Fijian map
Project: Development of a village stay enterprise on island of Taveuni. Establishment of a unique eco-tourist venture that allows people from around the world to stay and experience traditional Fijian life and culture within in a small community within Taveuni Island.


To establish an low-impact eco-tourist program that focuses on maintaining local traditions and customs and emphasizes cultural exchange between hosts and visitors.


Provides employment and skills to locals. Encourages locals to maintain their traditions and custom whilst giving them an income. Low impact/low volume trade Culturally and environmentally sensitive No major infra-structure required.

map of Taveuni island Fiji

Project: Transition to a sustainable farming system within the settlement of Natuvu Naba Rua, Taveuni Island.

Aims: To establish a sustainable farming program to allow indigenous farmers to enhance and sustain their income from their land whilst maintaining traditional methods through better understanding of soil, water, resource management, all within the framework of Conservation Agriculture practices using intermediate technology.

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