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Our Vision is to:

Establish a peaceful community based on the belief that there are plenty of resources for all, for now and the future, if we reduce our current demand and take regard for our future needs.

Work with like minded people who are willing to share knowledge with all those who want to participate without the fear of retribution, by those who choose not to understand or involve themselves.

Profitably trade with one another in a fair manner and remain independent by not playing part to religion or politics.

Understand ourselves and our needs in a holistic manner that realises the greatness of man and his divinity within the universe.

Acknowledge the unity of mankind by understanding and caring for our brothers and sisters by recognising that they too have needs and rights equal to our own.

Bring compassion, humility and respect to nature and all sentient beings.

Maintain a balanced life and not to take to the forces of extremism.

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