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"one world" e-newsletters

It is a monthly series of six published articles dedicated to providing you with knowledge and information to raise your awareness about sustainable development issues facing us in the contemporary world.

Most of the issues discussed are from within Australia, however as the theme is "One World" we will be providing information from all over the world.

The aim of our newsletter is to raise your awareness on sustainablity issues throughout the World, through independent, factual information, helping you can make the right choices to empower yourself in the uncertain times ahead.

This is provided free of charge by subscription and is a valuable asset to your business or personal knowledge (in HTML).

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Vol 2#3

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Canoes of the Marshall Islands
Waan Aelon in Majel (Canoes of the Marshall Island) or “WAM” is a grassroots non-profit community program educating the youth on the Marshall Islands (located in the Pacific), based on the traditions of the Marshallese canoe. WAM provides vocational and life skills training to youth-at-risk using the medium of traditional outrigger canoes, boat building and woodworking.

A CSIRO triple bottom line (TBL) report on sustainability in the Australian economy was released.
The economy-wide, rather than company specific analysis is intended to be used as a tool for people in industry, government and the community, to move beyond decisions based merely on dollars and cents and enable them to make decisions based on a contribution to society, environment, and economy.

Geothermal Energy
Geothermal energy might hail as an alternative source of energy to drive our turbines in a race to produce a "cleaner" source of power generation.

Carbon Sequestration: A new Lease of Life for Coal Fired Electrical power plants?
Over the next 25 years the demand for electrical power worldwide is estimated to increase by a value of US$20 trillion. In light of this increase, a new lease of life has been discovered for coal fired power stations, which along with motor cars are the greatest contributors to the Greenhouse Effect.

Survey of Franchise businesses in Australia
Franchises have become very popular over the last decade with over 150 new franchise businesses created in Australia in the last two years. Although they have become extremely popular, surveys by Franchise Council of Australia and Deloitte have found that 50% of franchisees are not happy due mainly to poor communication with their head offices (franchisors).

Three steps for avoiding e-mail viruses
Viruses (and their counterparts, worms and Trojan horses) have become problematic since one of the first viruses, the “Marijuana virus”, appeared in 1988. They have caused billions of dollars worth of damage, in down-time and lost data to unsuspecting computer-users and their systems. Although no system can be fool-proof, here is some information about them and some simple steps to take that should help you avoid them.

Vol 2#3

Sustainable health
What is Sustainable health? What are its principles?

Desalination of sea water in Australia
A new life-line or an expensive pipe dream?

Energy Information
Some facts on world energy consumption and renewable energy sources

Eruption of Krakatoa in Indonesia (1883)
Here is a summary of the events that took place and the consequences of the eruption. With all the volcanic activity happening in Indonesia, will other local volcanoes erupt soon with the intensity of Krakatoa?

13 Ways to enhance your website
With all the talk of how to make a great website and ways to keep visitors, it is important to also understand the "other" side of designing an Internet business.

Secrets to Spyproofing your computer in 4 easy steps
Spyware, malware, adware have become serious problems for computer users over the last few years, here are some solutions that can help you.

Vol 2#2

Greenhouse Effect and its possible implications
Some information for those who may not know much about the causes and implications of the "Greenhouse Effect"

World's seas are becoming more acidic
Rising acidity levels are affecting reef systems around the world.

Something in the air
Australian researchers are developing a way of reducing methane, a major source of Greenhouse gas emissions, in livestock

Colonisation of Coral on remote islands around the world
Coral cannot swim or fly across vast oceans, so how do new and remote islands become surrounded by exotic species of coral?

Top tips for Business Success
What are the most important factors to consider when starting a small business?

How to prepare an effective business plan
Considering starting a business? Here is an essential guide to get you started.


Vol 2#1

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
What is IPM and how can it provide a healthier and safer food supply?

Importance of Mangroves Forests
Mangrove Forests around the world are disappearing at an alarming rate.

GM Food Crops- the issues and the facts
You make up your mind.

U.S National Debt
How large is it and can it affect us?

Contemplating on starting an online business?
What does and doesn't sell online?

Six Signs of an Entrepreneur
How do you know if you have what it takes to start a business?

Vol 1#2

Sustainable Businesses 12 Point Checklist
Today's innovative businesses are looking at new horizons and leading the way as they focus on becoming sustainable businesses

World's Frogs are in danger of disappearing
The world's first global study on the world's amphibians has been completed and the news is not all that good.

The Benefits of Ethanol as a renewable source of fuel
Ethanol has been causing controversy recently in the media. So, what is Ethanol, how is it produced, and can it benefit us as a renewable fuel?

Creating a fairer world
Every day people die from malnutrition, yet there is enough food produced to feed the world.

How do you develop a brand or image?
Building and maintaining good public relations is as important a business function as strategic planning, marketing, and sales activities.

Nine Nightmare Bosses


Vol 1#1

Sustainable Development- "What's it all about?"
Sustainable Development is a much used "buzz word", what does it really mean?

"Water, Water everywhere but not a drop to drink"
Information on our global water supply

Sea Change
Australians love of coastal living is leading to some serious environmental degradation

Child Sex Tourism
Imagine if half of Australia's entire population was forced into the sex industry?

How to survey you market
Research is the cornerstone of any successful marketing and sales effort. So how do you conduct market research into your product or service?

What does and doesn't sell online
Unfortunately, selling online is not as simple as merely offering your existing products and services on your website.

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